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Campaign Case Statment PDFs

Case Statement - Health Center PDF
Case Statement - Hospital PDF
Case Statement - R. McDonald House PDF

Example Themes

Continue the Vision (Mission)
Building for the Future
Complete the Dream
The Time is Now
A Reason to be Proud
Protect the Future
For our kids, and for their kids.
Health care for the future of our families.
Quality Care, Close to Home
Get back on your feet in your own back yard

Bringing It Home
Building for the Future
Commitment for the Future
Dream, Dare, Live
Lighting the Path with Compassion and Care
We’re in this Together
Because We Care
Our Shared Investment
Aggressive Treatment, Sensitive Care
Building our Future – Your Health, Our Community
Building on Tradition – A Vision for the Future
Our Commitment to Help and Hope
Life Goes On
Life – Is Worth Giving
Giving – Because We Care
Giving Is Great Medicine
Building on Excellence
Sustain the Spirit
Give Today – Secure Tomorrow
A Partnership for Compassionate Care

"Giving to help others…helping others to give"
"Better health begins here"
"A better way to treat people"
"Discover the difference"
"Here at home"
"Going to a higher level"
"Medicine is our Business"
"Making a healthy difference for generations"
"Here for your health"
"The Spirit to Innovate, The Heart to Heal"

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